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Stomach Cancer

Causes: –

We see that there are many reasons for cancer of stomach. The main reasons for the stomach cancer are chronic acidity, chronic irritation in abdomen, chronic constipation, wrong eating habits, junk foods, eating of improper combinations, eating more and more frequently without having hunger, eating late nights, Consummation of alcohol, smoking habits, more stress, depression, habit of unnecessary thinking and many more psychological causes. There are many reasons which are not mentioned here.

What happens: –

Due to these causes there is imbalance of energy and digestion in various levels of elements. Mainly the blood, muscles and fat metabolism is disturbed. Due to this the formation of these elements is disturbed. Malformation of these elements takes place and the mutation of cells take place and the cells of different categories are formed. These cells grow in improper manner which is called cancer.


Depending on the cause of the cancer and cause of mutation we try to correct the metabolism of the elements of blood, muscles and fats. Along with this we also try to correct the imbalance in the vatta , pitta and kapha doshas. Rasayan treatment is given to help the elements to rejuvenate and form in good way. It is the type of supplements given to replace various base of elements. Every individual is treated in psyco-somatic way. Mediation treatment is given to the patients to overcome the psychological factors and its impressions.


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