What is panchakarma?

Five karmas / procedures that are mentioned in ayurvedic books, which are most scientific and systematic in removing toxins /doshas from the body.  These karmas are:
1. Vamana = emetics       
2. Virechana = purgative  
3. Basti = medicated enema
4. Nasya = administration of medicine through nostrils
5. Raktamokshana = blood letting ( unwanted,impure blood).

Panchakarma is used for curing of a diseases as well as to prevent the diseases and maintain your body clean and increase the immunity power of body.

before  going  for any of these procedures snehana [ oiling of the body  = massage ] and swedana [steaming of the body ] are advices so that the main procedure becomes easy to handle as our body accumulates the toxins from all over and collects in the center.

Massage/abhyanga/snehana; oiling or snehana is 1.internal [consuming the oil/ghee]   2.external

 [massage with oil].  Internal snehana is mostly before pancha karma and massage is done
1. Before any other pancha karma 2.as a main procedure for vata disorders.
2. Doing continuous massage for a stipulated period gives actual relief from deep routed ailments.
3. Relaxation massage is a completely DE-stressing and revitalization essential for a stressful life to withstand the hectic schedules.

Therapeutic massage is for diseases like  general weakness, weakness of musculature and inability to work consistently due to neurological and muscular,orthopedic problems.

Along with massage  swedana /sudation process=steam is indicated in vata disorders.

Sudation is done using  medicated steam, different herbs  and oils PATRA POTTALI SWED  using other nutritive herbs and milk with certain cereals PINDA SWED. This kind of combination treatment gives, required and faster relief to weak degenerative cases,chronic cases,it improves strength ,power of the muscles and also color of the skin. Massage is of many types according to what you actually aim at. Massage is a pre pancha karma procedure that aids easy and complete elimination of doshas during the main karma.

Advantage of panchakarma :

Vamana :

It relieves  kapha and pitta dosha from upper part of the body through the rout of mouth (Vomiting). It is indicated in diseases like

Cold Urticaria
Chronic cold Infertility
Rhinitis, sinusitis, Menstrual Disorders
Hyper acidity Psychological Disorders
Bronchial asthma, Anemia,
Skin disorders, Gastric Disorders
Ulcerative colitis

Virechana :

Virechana  helps in eliminating of  pitta dosha by downward movement(Purgative). Virechana  stabilizes pitta dosha and metabolic disorders in our body. Doshas exit through the  intestines and anal rout after the taken drug gets digested.
Virechana is indicated in various skin diseases, metabolic disturbances, bleeding disorders, piles, fistula, worm infestations, headache[migraine], anemia, jaundice, asthma-bronchial diseases.

Skin diseases Vitiligo Bacterial and fungal infections Tumors
Eczema Alopecia STDs Heart disease
Psoriasis Herpes zoster Bronchial asthma Liver and Spleen related Diseases, gallstones
Brown/black/white spots on face/freckles Scabies Eye diseases/ophthalmic conditions Allergic conditions
Ulcerations in the body Piles Fistula Mouth ulcers,hyper acidity


Basti is the simplest of all karmas but highly effective in  lower part of the body it is administered in 3 routes the anal. , the urinary , and vaginal/penis. It is said that the medicines given through anal root are absorbed very quickly in to the body streams. Basti acts on the vata dosha and stabilizes  it. Basti is of many  functional types,  cleansing , soothing , nutritive , lubricating , strengthening , anti-aging , scraping/reducing., immunity enhancing basti , aphrodisiac basti. etc.

Basti  is indicated in

Disease related to sex, premature Ejaculation, Oligospermia, Ozospermia, Erectile Dysfunction. Infection in semen. Neurological disorders due to Diabetes. Headache , backache , pain in knee, ankle , hip joints , neck joints , spine, etc Heaviness in the stomach,tightness in the stomach
Neurological disorders -paralysis, numbness, tingling, burning, sensations in hands,  legs Constipation, fistula, piles,Fissure. Worm infestations Gynecological disorders Infertility, Menstrual Problems, Insomnia. Tendency of abortions pains=pulling cutting biting, type of pains in the body
Arthritis,spondilyosis, joint pains, gout. Abdominal pain, pain in any joints Convulsions/seizures Stiffness, wasting, weakness in muscles.
Bone disorders, degeneration Degeneration of tissues due to disease or age. Renal stones. Management of Cancer

Nasya :

Nasya   is administration of medicine= decoction ,oil  ,powder , ghee , etc. through nose. It gives instantaneous relief and is highly effective as it acts through the nasal mucosa which has connections with all internal lining of the organs. Nasya is indicated in

Bleeding nose, upper part of the body ,bleeding disorders. Hiccups,asthma,cough Nasya in little quantity is advised daily for sense organ and brain function
Tuberculosis Sinusitis, rhinitis, ear ache/otitis          headache./migraine Hair Fall, Premature graying of hair.
Insanity,seizures Nasya is very deep in action aphrodisiac,it nourishes the reproductive organs.

Rakta Mokshan :

Rakta mokshana is letting the vitiated blood out of the body. It is done locally at the site of disease eg.skin eruptions etc or wholly by dissecting a vein local raktamokshana is generally done by leeches. Rakta mokshana is very useful in skin ,hair, muscular tissue involvements..inflammatory conditions. Systemic rakta mokshana helps in high blood pressure.
Indications of rakta mokshana

Eczema,dermatitis,ulcer,abscess,cysts,polyps. Hypertension,skin disease all over,psoriasis,herper zoster filariasis
Piles,muscular growths over body Eye diseases,diseases of mouth Teeth ache,infection
Alopecia[[HAIR LOSS IN PATCHES],scalp infections,scabies,ring worm Seizures,migraine. Sexually transmited diseases.

These procedures  help us in maintaining our health genuinly.each one is indicated in different seasons along the year,even for healthy people.Thats your servicing [of your body] this is a part of preventive medicine in ayuveda.