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Cancer is a very fast growing disease in the entire world. There are very limited treatments available for cancer. The available treatments are operation followed by chemotherapy and radiation or vise versa. The only thing we are doing that we are removing the unwanted growth in the body and then we are trying to kill the remaining cells. But this is not enough; we need to know how cancer is developed. Ayurved has good concept on which development of cancer can be explained and can be understood. If we know how it grows and develop we can also find a way to restrict its growth and revert it.

Our body is a complicated machine. It is completely dependent on the nature for its nourishment. As we work daily and do our daily routine, our body elements have to face ware and tear. This ware and tear is to be replaced by good quality and quantity of the body elements. If these body elements replaced by good quality and quantity the body becomes healthy and no week loops are left in our body. But if these body elements are not replaced by good quality and quantity week loops are left in our body and that part starts creating stress in our body. This is the start of stress.

Our body consists of 7 basic body elements:-
1. Rasa(Lymph)
2. Rakta(Blood)
3. Mausa(Muscle)
4. Meda(Fat)
5. Asthi(Bone)
6. Majja(Bone marrow)
7. Shukra.

We have different factories in our body to create these elements. Each factory has to be provided with good raw material to produce the good product. All the process in the factory should run in proper manner. Proper energy should be provided to each part of the factory to run the mechanism in proper way and all the waste products should be thrown out after the formation of the good product. If this process of formation of all elements is in proper way then only the healthy product is formed and when it is supplied to the proper place by proper way then only the body gets nourished in proper manner. If there is any problem in the process coordination between 5 basic elements, 3 doshas, 7 body elements & Agni is disturbed and our body starts generating stress in the body. As body and mind are related to each other stress effects on both mind and body and along with this soul is also affected. It is also seen that if mind is disturbed then it affects body and souls and if soul is disturbed if affects mind and body.

This is the way in which metabolic disturbances are created in the body. Due to these metabolic disturbances the element which is most affected creates imbalance in the body due to improper nutrition and improper growth of the elements particularly muscles and tissues. In Ayurved we call it Mamas, Medha, Snayu, kandara. Mainly there is disturbance in the formation of muscle tissues. These tissues which we call as Muscles (Mausa Dhatu) and Fats (Medha dhatu) plays a very important role in the formation of tumors.  These are mainly affected due to the raw material which is provided by the body to manufacture these muscles and fats (mausa and medha dhatu). This is provided from the rasa and rakta dhatu. These rasa and rakta dhatu are the products of digestion. As we say cancer is psychosomatic disorder, the logic of – “Chintanamcha ati chintanat” plays a very important role in creating disturbance in the digestion process. Rasa dhatu which is the first product of digestion is mainly affected due to stress and psychological disturbances and psychological shocks.  Improper food timings, preparations also play a vital role in production of improper rasa dhatu. Now a days we also see that the fertilizers and insecticides which are used by the farmers in the farm while production of vegetables and grains play a very vital role in effecting our digestion. It is difficult for our body to digest the poisons part from these fertilizers and insecticides, which affects the digestion.   Chronic tendency of acidity and constipation also affects the quality of rasa and rakta dhatu. Affected organs which are dominant in particular elements of raktha, mausa and medha dhatu get affected and there is production of vikrut (unwanted and bad in quality) dhatus. This results in formation of tumors.  Celibacy also plays a very important role in development and spreading of cancers. Shukra dhatu which is the strength (bala) of the body, if not replaced in proper quality and quantity decreases the immunity (bala) of the body and dhatus. At one side there is production of vikrut (unwanted and bad in quality) dhatus in the body and other side the immunity (Bala) of the body is decreased due to uncontrolled practice of physical (sex) activity. This results in developing of cancer.

Now as we have come to know the process of development of cancer it becomes easy to manage the growth and spread of cancer.

The concept on which we work and help people to manage cancer is:-

  1. Identifying the exact cause.
  2. Identifying the stress creating factors.
  3. Identifying the factors affecting the immunity.
  4. Identifying the disturbance in the production of dhatus.
  5. Identifying the cause of production of vikrut dhatus.
  6. Identifying the effect of vikrut dhatus on the body and various organs.
  7. Helping the person to correct the digestive system.
  8. Correction of production of various elements such as rasa,raktha, mamsa,meda( Lymph, Blood, Muscles and Fats)
  9. Helping the people to get control over the stress and psychological problems which are effecting digestion.
  10. Helping people to develop the proper immunity.

This process is a very long process and needs continues observation. Minimum period to correct the process is 3 yrs. Long treatment is needed to manage cancer.

There is one more way in which we help the cancer people:-

Immunity generation program based on Ayurved and yoga at Ayushmaan helps the people who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.  This program includes various panchakarma treatments, & yoga sessions of Pranayam, Dharana and Dhyan. These programs are personalized programs and restricted to individual persons. Some sessions of yoga are group sessions.


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