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1. Identifying the exact cause.
2. Identifying the stress creating factors.
3. Identifying the factors affecting the immunity.
4. Identifying the disturbance in the production of dhatus.
5. Identifying the cause of production of vikrut dhatus.
6. Identifying the effect of vikrut dhatus on the body and various organs.
7. Helping the person to correct the digestive system.
8. Correction of production of various elements such as rasa,raktha, mamsa,meda( Lymph, Blood, Muscles and Fats)
9. Helping the people to get control over the stress and psychological problems which are effecting digestion.
10. Helping people to develop the proper immunity.
This process is a very long process and needs continues observation. Minimum period to correct the process is 3 yrs. Long treatment is needed to manage cancer.

Now a days in the treatment of cancer it is seen that after completion of Chemotherapy or radiotherapy or operation , The people wait until the symptoms are seen again or the tests become positive or they get any thing in reports. Due to the treatments the cells become less to be detected or the present cells are killed. But the tendency of the body to develop these type of cells remains unchanged. These needs metabolic correction. We in AYUSHMAAN Help such patients to regain their strength and help them to correct their metabolism. With the help of ayurved treatment we also help them to change the bodies tendency to develop the carcinogenic cells through Rasayan therapy and panchakarma therapy.

As we know the body develops the tendency of formation of carcinogenic cells due to metabolic disorder. Due to this the malfunctioning of cells takes place. During the management of cancer in AYURVED way we take in consideration the causes of the Metabolic Disorders . We go to the route where the cell formation takes place. This helps in controlling the formation of carcinogenic cells. This takes time but by going in deep and using the herbal drugs mentioned in the rasayan and vajikaran treatments along with the drugs working on particular elements of which the affected organ is made of we can get control over the disease.


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