The exact cause of cancer is unknown, there are many factors which can cancer, but major factors which can cause cancer are:-

  1. Improper diet.
  2. Improper time of diet.
  3. Various improper combinations of food.
  4. Not taking appropriate treatments to completely cure the diseases.
  5. Stress( external & self induced stress)
  6. Neglecting chronic problems of acidity.
  7. Neglecting chronic problem of motions (such as constipation or frequent motions).
  8. Fear.
  9. Psychological trauma.
  10. Unhealed ulcers or wounds.
  11. Improper way of exercise.
  12.  Improper sleeping habits.
  13. Addiction of alcohol and tobacco.
  14. Chemicals used during cultivation of food items.

And much more……..

Ayushmaan Way of Management of cancer:-

  • Finding the cause of particular cancer & elements involved in cancer by Ayurved way of history taking. 
  • Suggesting appropriate lifestyle changes.
  • Suggesting appropriate diet.
  • Suggesting medicines to develop immunity in the body elements.
  • Suggesting Ayurved medicines and required panchkarma treatment.
  • Suggesting Yoga & meditation for energy balancing.  
  • Various ayurveda treatment modalities to prevent recurrence after surgery, radiotherapy & Chemotherapy. 

The only way to be away from cancer is prevention. Guidance regarding proper lifestyle management, regular schedule for detoxification of body, development of immunity, diet modifications to improve digestive system for formation of good elements of body, scheduling of proper exercise for betterment of body elements and overcoming the stress is given ay Ayushmaan Ayurved.  

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