It is very important and easy to understand the concept behind this. We know if any joint is to be made and has to be kept mobile the things surrounding the joints and the things supporting the joints should be strong and flexible. Along with flexibility this also need right alignment and lubrication. Same thing is with our joints. The things which give strength, support and flexibility to our joints are muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Due to our improper lifestyle and dietary habits the wear and tear caused to the muscles, ligaments and tendons is not replaced in good quality and quantity. Improper lifestyle and dietary habits affect our digestive system and this creates stress in the body elements. Due to lack of exercise and continues strain, our muscles become weak. They are unable to sustain the stress generated due to our daily routine on our body. Also a result of improper digestion, nourishment of our muscles, ligaments and tendons get affected. They become week and when pressure is given on these muscles, ligaments and tendons they contract. This is called spasm. Due to weakness of muscles, ligaments and tendons alignment of the joints is disturbed. This result in slip disc, disc prolapse, nerve compression and nerve irritation. Due to this we experience pain in the joints, back legs. Nerve supply to our legs and hands is through the spine. Nerves pass through the spine and the part which gets compressed due to disturbed alignment of spine results in pain of the particular part of hand of leg. If there is more compression it may result in tingling numbness also.

The concept of Rheumatoid arthritis is different from the above. If there is swelling in joints and there is shifting pain and swelling in the joints in all parts of the body starting from big joints then it is said to be rheumatic. The cause of this is mainly chronic constipation and the “AAm” (toxic substance which is the result of improper digestion – This is produced in our body due to decaying of accumulated undigested byproduct of food in our intestine) which is absorbed through the intestine into the bloodstream and accumulates in the joints. There is a continuous feeling of weakness and fever along with lack of appetite. “RA” is mostly positive in these types of patients.


Treatment available at AYUSHMAAN AYURVED:-

Ø The treatment given for Spondylosis, low back pain, slip disc, disc prolapse, sciatic knee joint due to degeneration and old age and all deformities of joints is based on a simple logic. The treatment consists of medicinal treatment to improve digestion, and strength of muscles, panchkarma treatment in 3 steps to relax the muscles, ligaments and tendons, to strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons and to tone muscles, ligaments and tendons. Exercises are suggested further to maintain the structure and strength of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. Total period of the treatment is approximate 4 to 6 months depending on the age of a person.

Ø Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is bit different. It needs proper guidance and consistency in the treatment. The treatment consists of medicinal treatment to improve digestion and to remove all the toxins which are circulated through our body.