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AYUSHMAAN AYURVED HOSPITAL is a place where we try to make a person healthy by body and mind . Ayushmaan is a place where authentic ayurveda and panchakarma treatment is given. Ayushmaan is a perfect place to rejuvenate in Pimplesaudagar. Ayushmaan is located in Rose Icon Commercial Building, which is centrally located in Pimplesaudagar with good ambiance and silence around. We have all facilities needed for panchakarma. We have 1250 Sq.ft area in which we have 2 different rooms allocated for male and female treatments. We have trained therapist who carry the panchakarma and allied therapies. All the Ayurveda treatments at Ayushmaan Ayurved Hospital, Pimplesaudagar,PUNE are covered under Mediclaim Insurance.

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Ayushmaan along with Ayurveda Consultation & Panchakarma treatment facilities is also having a unique facility of Garbhasanskar (Antenatal Program for pregnant women), Yoga and Meditation. A special program designed for healthy progeny ( Beeja Sanskar) for couples is a very unique program for couples to make them psychologically & physically fit for the getting baby. More than 3200+ pregnant women have taken benefit of this program. Both online & offline facility available.

Ayushmaan also conducts various online training programs or training of doctors through webinar. We have successfully conducted a webinar series of 38 lectures on ” Management of Cancer an Ayurved Perspective”  which was attended by 89 Ayurvedic Physicians all over the world.

Dr. Yogesh Joshi

Dr. Yogesh Joshi
B.A.M.S. (Ayurvedachrya):

19+ yrs. experience in Ayurved and Yoga field. Lifestyle & Stress management in various corporate. Arranged various Yoga & Stress management camps. Specialised in Panchakarma Treatments & Ayurved dietetics. Expertise in Yoga and meditation. Conducted various training programs for Yoga, Meditation and Stress Management. Worked for cancer patients. Expertise in project development of Ayurved, Naturopathy.Yoga & Meditation Center, Expertise in Garbhasanskar Program. Expertise in Joint Disorders, Spine disorders, Neurological disorders. Expertise in Stress & Lifestyle related disorders. Expertise in Gynecological disorders, Expertise in Gastrointestinal Disorders, Expertise in Ayurved Pediatric Medicine.

Affiliation and Attachments:-
1. Center head Lokmanya Ayurvedic Multispecialty clinic & Kerala Panchakarma Center, Chinchwad.
2. Co-ordinator Holistic Cancer Control Unit, Lokmanya Hospital.

Dr. Mrunalini Joshi

Dr. Mrunalini Joshi
B.A.M.S. (Ayurvedachrya)

OWNER at Ayushman Ayurved & Panchakarma Center in Pimple Saudagar.  Since 2010

14+yrs. experience in Ayurved field.

Dr.Mrunalini is also expert in Classical Music and has completed her studies in clisical music( Vocal). 

She is conducting sessions of Live Music Therapy for Pregnant Ladies which is a part of “SRUJANANKUR GARBHASANSKAR”.

She also has expertise in Panchakarma Treatments, Ayurved dietetics, Garbha Sanskar, treatments of Joint Disorders; Stress & Lifestyle related disorders, Gynaecological disorders, Infertility, skin problems, Ayurved cosmetology etc

Dr.Yogesh Joshi

Dr Yogesh Joshi has completed his education in Ayurveda. He has completed his BAMS( Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) 1999. He has vast experience of 19+ years in Ayurved & Yoga. He is

  • OWNWR at Ayushman Ayurved & Panchakarma Center in Pimple Saudagar.  Since 2010
  • Managing Director Garbh Sanskar Antenatal Services Pvt Ltd since 2012.
  • Have designed a copyrighted program for Garbh Sanskar.
  • Have designed a copyrighted syllabus for training for trainers for Garbh Sanskar Antenatal Program.
  • 2000+ pregnant ladies are benefited from this Garbh Sanskar program in last 5 yrs.
  • 550+ doctors have taken training regarding Garbh Sanskar from Dr Yogesh Joshi.
  • Have published Statistical data analysis of 225 Pregnant ladies who have undergone Srujanankura garbh sanskar Program.
    • Evidence based work in garbh sanskar
    • Awards:- Received Ayurved Mitra Award in 2017. For franchising in Ayurveda.
    • Conducting Yoga sessions for Various disease conductions such as Cancer, Joint Pains, Hormonal conductions, Weight loss, Infertility.
    • Conducting Yoga Teachers Training Course in Association with Yoga Vidya Gurukul & Wellness Trainer Course Both are QCI 2 level courses of AYUSH MINISTRY.


    • Center head – Ayurveda Multispecialty Clinic and Kerala Panchakarma Center at Lokmanya Hospital .
    • Administrative- Coordinator – Lokmanya Holistic Cancer Control Unit.
    • Project based Consultant – Lifestyle & wellness management In L&T InfoTech. Pune.
    • Consultant Ayurveda Physician at TGH CH
    • Lifestyle management Consultant at Bajaj Ventures Ltd, Bajaj Electricals Ltd, Badve Auto Comps Ltd. Project Consultant, Ayurved ,Yoga and naturopathy Hospital at Talegaon General Hospital and Convalescent Home .

    Have published Statistical data analysis of 225 Pregnant ladies who have undergone Srujanankura garbh sanskar Program.

    Evidence based work in garbh sanskar.

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