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Prenatal Brilliance : Cultivate Brilliance
Before Birth

Planning for Parenthood or Expecting a Baby?
Free 2 Days Online Workshop
Saturday & Sunday | 10 AM to 12 PM

This Workshop is For

Pregnant Women

Parents Planning Baby

Newly Wed Couples

Anyone Interested in Topic

What Will You Learn In
Srujanankur Prenatal Brilliance Workshop?

Technique to Nurture Child in Womb

A unique technique to nurture your child in womb. How to connect, how to establish conversation effectively, how to develop good values & how to change the mindset of unborn child.  

Live Music Therapy

You will learn how live music affects the mind of Mother and unborn child. Along with it also learn which music and how it helps to keep mother stress-free and happy throughout the pregnancy.

Importance of Diet

Know how to develop good elements and immunity of your unborn child. Along with this how to design your diet in pregnancy  


Know how to be fit through the pregnancy and how yoga helps to have an happy & Uneventful pregnancy.  

Way Forward After the Workshop

Your journey of "GeniusWomb" after this workshop. Next 22 weeks program details to nurture "Prenatal Prodigy".

Unlock Your Baby's Genius From the Womb!

प्रतिभागर्भ: सप्तगुणायतनम्

Nurturing brilliance within the womb and
harnessing the seven virtues!

बुद्धिशक्ति (Buddhiśakti): Intellectual Power 

क्रियाशीलता (Kriyāśīlatā): Activity and Proactiveness 

संवेग (Saṁvega): Inspired Passion 

आत्मविश्वास (Ātmaviśvāsa): Self-Confidence 

संयम (Saṁyama): Discipline and Control 

प्रज्ञा (Prajñā): Wisdom and Awareness 

आत्मविकास (Ātmavikāsa): Self-Development and Growth


Discover simple yet powerful techniques to stimulate your baby's cognitive growth during pregnancy. Lay the foundation for a lifetime of success!


Discover simple yet powerful techniques to stimulate your baby's cognitive growth during pregnancy. Lay the foundation for a lifetime of success!


Discover simple yet powerful techniques to stimulate your baby's cognitive growth during pregnancy. Lay the foundation for a lifetime of success!


Discover simple yet powerful techniques to stimulate your baby's cognitive growth during pregnancy. Lay the foundation for a lifetime of success!

By the end of the Workshop,
you will be able to learn

Embrace Early Bonding: Connect with Your Baby Before Birth

Imagine forging an unbreakable bond with your baby before they even arrive. Our course teaches you heartwarming methods to create a profound connection that will last a lifetime. Start nurturing your baby's emotional well-being and happiness from the very beginning!

IQ-Boosting Activities: Connect and Enrich Your Baby's World:

Elevate the IQ of your little bundle of joy with engaging activities tailor-made for pregnancy. Discover delightful exercises to stimulate their senses, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Lay the groundwork for a confident and curious mind!

Nurture Your Baby's Brain with the Right Foods:

Food for thought! Explore the best brain-boosting foods to incorporate into your diet during pregnancy. From omega-3-rich delights to essential nutrients, we've got you covered to enhance your baby's cognitive growth naturally.

Holistic Wellness for a Brilliant Brain:

Your well-being directly impacts your baby's brain. Discover how your physical health, mental well-being, and emotions play a pivotal role in nurturing your baby's intelligence and emotional intelligence. Optimize your own wellness for your baby's brighter tomorrow! 

Amplify Your Baby's Brain Growth During Pregnancy:

Discover the science-backed secrets to supercharge your baby's brain development while they're still in the womb. Our course empowers you with the knowledge and techniques to give your little one a head start for a lifetime of brilliance!

Transformative Impact: Pregnancy and Birth on Your Baby and Your Life:

Your journey to motherhood is life-altering, and it profoundly influences your baby's development. Learn how your choices during pregnancy and birth can shape your child's future success and happiness, ensuring a positive impact on both your lives.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to shape your baby's future
and cherish beautiful memories even before they're born!

Unique Features of Workshop

Online Class

In Hindi English Mix


Solution & Tools

Meet Your Coach

Dr Yogesh Joshi

Coach, Mentor, Author

BAMS; Managing Director & Founder Garbhasanskar Antenatal Services Pvt Ltd

Dr. Yogesh Joshi has 23 years of experience in Ayurved and Yoga field. 

He is doing evidence based work in Garbhasanskar from last 15 years.

He has prepared a syllabus for training the trainers in Garbhasanskar and have a copyright for the syllabus.

He has developed an unique & structured program for pregnant women for Garbhasanskar.

He has trained more than 4800+ national and international trainers ( Doctors)through various training program and workshops.

He conducted workshops & Camps on Lifestyle & Stress Management in various corporate..

He specialises in meditation, panchakarma treatments & ayurved dietetics.

He works for cancer patients and conducts specialised workshop on cancer management for Doctors.

He has expertise in project development of ayurved, naturopathy, Yoga & meditation center.

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Some Testimonials From
Blessed Mothers

Priyanka Kannadkar

My daughter is 19 months old now. I attended this class from 6th month to 9 months of my pregnancy. M very much satisfied with d class. My baby loves classical music. She pays attention to normal instructions since very small age. N I feel shez a happy baby who loves to explore whatever comes in her routine life…..!!

Dr. Deepali Dhamale

My son is 17 months old.I attended this class from 4 th to 8 month. My baby is very much active n his milestones r so much earlier than the other child have. He is smiling all d time n learns everything very fast. I Am also very happy with d class.

Swati Bharadwaj

Madhura, my 14 months old baby girl.‪ It is not good to compare but I really see difference between my both children. Thanksssss

Sayali Dwivedi

I don’t know what I will do without Dr Yogesh. He always patiently listens to my problems and never over-medicates. I always believe in Ayurvedic medicine and Dr Yogesh has always suggested good holistic treatment which resolves the root cause of health ailments. highly recommended.

Bharat Jadhav

Dr Yogesh Joshi is highly respected as a modern Ayurvedic Dr. Panchkarma / Garbhsanakar / overall Ayurvedic treatment are of high quality. Thanks for your counselling / Garbhsanakar sessions – we are now proud parents of Baby Boy. I would highly recommend Dr Yogesh Joshi to all aspiring parents Keep up the great work


My daughter is now 1 n half year old… Garbhasanskar classes had great effect on her. She speaks many poems at this early stage.. She just loves ” aatmashatakam”. I can see the effect on her.. Apart from that the yoga session conducted my smita mam was very helpful for me… The breathing techniques she taught was very helpful for me in labor… I was admitted at 6.30 in the morning.. And by 11 my baby was in my hand.. I had a normal delivery with healthy baby.. Thank you so much sir for making this phase so easy…


You Will Get Opportunity to Join Unique 22 Weeks Program for Expecting Mothers and Will Be Able to Unlock Amazing Bonuses Worth INR 80000/- after the Workshop

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