My daughter is 19 months old now. I attended this class from 6th month to 9 months of my pregnancy. M very much satisfied with d class. My baby loves classical music. She pays attention to normal instructions since very small age. N I feel shez a happy baby who loves to explore whatever comes in her routine life.....!!

- Mrs. Priyanka Kannadkar
My son is 17 months old.I attended this class from 4 th to 8 baby is very much active n his milestones r so much earlier than the other child have.he is smiling all d time n learns everything very fast.m also very happy with d class.

- Dr. Deepali Dhamale
Same with Madhura. My 14 months old baby girl.‪It is not good to compare but I really see difference between my both children. Thanksssss

- Gb swati. bharadwaj
Yes I agree with all moms my baby just turn 14 th month & she is very active than other her age group child I have joined this class from 3rd to 5th month so I m also very happy

- Mrs. Pranali
Sir same with me my daughter is 17 month old and she loves music..Reading newspaper. Her immunity is very good & she is also too receptive.

- Mrs. Neelam Kedari
My daughter is now 4 months old. I attended this class from 2nd to 8 month. she is very active. No one is believes she is only 4 month old because she looks like 6months baby. she turned at 2nd month every buddy is saying your baby is very smart. She loves to explore new things. I am very Happy with the class. Sir thanks for guidance for my diet.

- Arti Badame
My daughter is 6 months age. She is very active. I join class in 4 th month till 9 months. Now she can understand many things. We r very Happy , she plays with us so v all enjoys. Thanks a lot sir for taught me much things

- Rajkumari
Congrats .. Wish to share with all tht garbhasanskar session r so effective tht today when my baby boy cries and I rhyme OM ....he stops crying and remains quiet.....

- Vd gitanjali
Agree Gitanjali :) even my child when he listens to chaupadi he stays quiet as if he knows the wordings n rhythm etc :)

- Mrs Amruta
I joined this class from 3rd month till 8 months My son is now 2 years old . He understands everything which we say him . He obey all instructions which we say to do him from the age when he turned 1/1/2 only. He loves music a lot. Now also he listens choupadi and nirvan shatakam daily Thanks to joshi sir for his guidelines and madam for yoga sessions. Personally it helped me a lot and now I am fit n fine as I was before. No excess weight gain

- Mrs.Yogini Deshpande
My Son is now 20 months old. Had attendee from 4 months till end of pregnancy. It's very difficult for me to keep pace to his activeness, naughtiness and all charged up energy. He just can't sit in a place...always ready to explore things.. He loves music.. His favourites are all songs of katiyar kaljat ghusli. He loves classical a lot.. It's been a great journey with him ..thanks to sir, music mam and yoga mam.

- Mrs.Mini Nair
My daughter is now 1 n half year old... Garbhasanskar classes had great effect on her. She speaks many poems at this early stage.. She just loves " aatmashatakam".... I can see the effect on her.. Apart from that the yoga session conducted my smita mam was very helpful for me... The breathing techniques she taught was very helpful for me in labor... I was admitted at 6.30 in the morning.. And by 11 my baby was in my hand.. I had a normal delivery with healthy baby.. Thank you so much sir for making this phase so easy...

- Mrs Poonam Mali
yes ....all moms are correct my baby is just 17 month old.he is too active fallow n understand each n every instructions.he's love music and also so active in his day care activities....thanku sir for ur valuable guidance.....

- Mrs.Deepti Nema
The most important aspect of Garbhasanskar for me was communication with baby. Daily morning when I used to go for a walk I used to talk to my baby, I used to tell my baby to be healthy and strong. Most frequently I would tell my baby to signal me when he/she was ready to come into this world and that we both would cooperate each other during the process.
I had a preterm delivery at 32 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia. But I had a normal one against all odds, even when doctors said there was no chance. My baby did signal me. And even with lots of medical complications initially he did stay strong as I always told him. That is the magic of Garbhasanskar, the pre-established bond between mother and child and the strength to overcome in the most challenging times.
I cannot thank Sir enough to introduce me to this beautiful experience of Garbhasanskar. Attending classes was the happiest thing I did during my pregnancy. And thanks to Smita Madam for making us understand the rationale behind any yoga asana we did. That motivates you to practice it daily.

- Mrs.Jui Sane
My daughter is 14 month old. She is very active every time. She loves rhymes. She is start walking. She is understand every instuction and do it. She is like different dishes, don't like baby food.she is talking little big words and she is trying talking every time.Thank u sir and mam for your guidance.

- Mrs.Radha
My son is 10 months old. I enjoyed my garbhasanskar session a lot. After a tight working day, I used to wait for these sessions. Due to yogas, I used to be fit till delivery date, was doing all household work at ease. I am singing the songs for my baby " omkaraswarup parmbrahmarup", komal Bacha...and really get happy when my baby listens with smile. It was common forum where I got new friends and discuss our feelings. Dr. Yogesh's suggestion boosted our morale. Thanks a lot for making my pregnancy journey special

- Mrs.Nibedita
Ayushmaan Garbha Sanskar program was excellent and most worth  time which I spent during my pregnancy. It made an enormous difference to my pregnancy and my outlook towards it. The approach is completely holistic preparing me not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. The classes’ include counseling on diet, yoga, breathing techniques to help with labor and most importantly the relaxation techniques that helped me a great deal with the stress of being a working woman. Most importantly, I understood a mother's role in giving the right sanskar to her child right from womb and I learnt the right ways of doing it. The doctors here are extremely helpful and counseled me through all the stages of pregnancy concerns and problems. Thanks a lot Ayushmaan for everything.

- Madhurima
I enjoyed performing the sessions. It helped me to be stress-free through out the pregnancy period. The sessions also helped me to think on various subjects. It was really a unique online program. I never saw such a wonderful program.

- Trupti
I am doing the GARBH SANSAKR session when my pregnancy is app 10-12 weeks old and now I am in my 32 week of pregnancy.  It helped me a lot in controlling my anger, my BP and control on breathing. I feel very relaxed and fresh after doing the exercises and activities during session.  I feel happy that I have got a chance and proper direction through which I could develop my baby within me. It is really very informative and helpful. After the session, I am very clear that there is a lot that I can / should do for my baby before birth. Overall , the whole session was excellent!  The one hour was most worth time which I spent during my pregnancy. Very much Thanks to AYYUSHMAAN.

- Himali
I am very much thankful to AYUSHMAAN, to help me to change my vision towards nurturing and developing my baby. It was only with the help of AYUSHMAAN .I was able to convey Good valuable thoughts to my baby. The process developed is real a unique one. I dint find it any where on the net. I enjoyed performing all the procedures. The one hour of the day which I spend for the sessions keep me charged for the whole day.

- Komal
Previously i was exited and confused about ,how the program will work. But after joining the program, the complete view towards pregnancy was changed. I was able to develop all the thought process in my mind and the special group discussion sessions helped me to remain engaged. Most importantly, I understood a mother's role in giving the right sanskar to her child right from womb and I learnt the right ways of doing it .Hats off to AYUSHMAAN.

- Puja
I never thought that I can attain such a peace of mind. The group discussion sessions, home works; regular sessions helped me to develop a very positive thinking in my mind. It helped me to keep my self happy through out the period.  The most important thing which  I understood was , a mother's role in giving the right sanskar to her child right from womb and I learnt the right ways of doing it. The one hour of the day which I spend for the sessions keep me charged for the whole day.

- Vidnyapti
As a business women I had a tremendous stress in my daily routine. It is very unique online program .The sessions helped me to tackle the stress. I was able to say OK to my problems. The spiritual aspect of the sessions was very useful. These are the unique sessions I every found. Thanks to AYUSHMAAN.

- Archana
The spiritual aspect, concept of conveying good values  ,group discussions are the unique aspects of the program . It is very unique online program, I love performing the online sessions. The sessions have started a good thought process in my mind.

- Deepthi
Being an IT professional, there is a tremendous stress, work pressure on me. With the help of sessions at AYUSHMAAN I am able to cope up with the stress and pressure in my life. I am able to enjoy every moment of my pregnancy. The concept of good values has helped me to develop a thought process. This is really a unique process. Many thanks to AYUSHMAAN to develop such type of unique program.

- Harshada
The program is really unique. I was very worried about my fluctuating and increased blood pressure during my pregnancy period. Sessions at AYUSHMAAN helped me to get control over increased and fluctuating blood pressure. I felt very relaxed and stress free after taking the sessions. Thanks to AYUSHMAAN to help me to cope up with my blood pressure.

- Sayali

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